About Us

河南于1971年由摊主的父亲方金顺一手创立,姓氏方,因此取方姓发祥地“河南”为招牌。1989年,摊主方益生自父亲手中接手经营,兄弟姐妹携手分工经营,完全属家庭作业。 虾面原本为汤面,干捞面则是后来才出现的演变版本,早期售卖的虾面比较单调,近十来年也由于食客的口味有所变化及要求,原本简单的虾面,开始出现大虾、肉骨、猪粉肠、猪尾、鲍贝及鲍鱼等食材。

River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles was established in 1971 by Png Kim Soon, father of the owners. The Noodles Stall "Hoe Nam" was name after the province where their ancestor live. In 1989, the owner, Png Yi Seng took over the operation from his father. It was manage as a family business and operated by the owner and his sibling.  Originally Prawn noodles was only with Soup base.  It was evolve to dry noodles in later date. The prawn noodles was fairly monotonous in the early days. The last ten years because of diners tastes and requirements vary, originally a simple prawn noodles have added more variety, big prawns, pork ribs, pig tail to something more decadent such as baby abalone.